Romantic Summer Eyes: Josie Maran Cosmetics

Products used:
Josie Maran Cosmetics:
Fingerpaints quad in Sweet
Eye Shaodow:
Mascara in Black
Urban Decay liquid liner in Perversion

Josie Maran Cosmetics:
Bronzing Powder in Beach No. 1
Cream Blush in Sunrise
Lip Liner in Blush
Lipgloss in Radiance


Fingerpaints quad in Sweet

Eye Shadow in Beach, Cinnamon, Valentine, EternityBeach




Lipgloss in Radiance, Plumping Lip Gloss in Darling

(Darling-top, Radiance-bottom)

Bronzing Powder in Beach No.1

Cream Blush in Sunrise

(bronzing powder-top, cream blush-bottom)


My BDAY Wishlist

Since I love Miss Lorrainey (and her blog too) I figured I would join in the fun and do a b-day wish list also because hers was so fun.
For those of you wondering my birthday is July 16th (I'll be tha big 2-5...EEEEK)

*This is not an actual list I would give to someone or expect to get all of or anything. These are more like things I would just buy for myself...haha

My ultimate want for this year was a trip to Vegas...
...which actually is happening! Leaving July 9th with my friend Ashley. The trip began with a simple phone call to her from me explaining how we needed to go see New Kids on the Block again (yeah...you heard that right) toward the end of their tour somewhere close to home. Bad idea sending me to check out the remaining dates...I saw Vegas and my eyes lit up. Vegas...SO not close to where we live...lol. So we're seeing them again at the Palms in Vegas on the 11th and turning it into a full out b-day weekend. So excited!!

Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Speedy 35- Azur
I love the classic Speedy design. I have a traditional brown monogram Speedy 30 already and while I love the monogram print, I've always really wanted this particular light blue Damier print. I think it's a little less "flashy" and "WOOO loooka my Louis!!" than the monogram one. Plus I always feel weird when I carry something that is really flashy and has designer labels stamped all over it just because I always feel like a giant ass when I combine that with my Chanel Sunglasses or glasses. It's just too much. So I really love how understated this one is. Plus, it's just a gorgeous bag.
I live kind of close to a few LV stores, but I think it would be exciting to maybe buy in Vegas...?? ;) Especially since there's a LV store at my favorite place in the whole world--The Forum Shops....hmmm

Canon Powershot SX10is
Love this camera....NEED this camera. I was going to buy it a few months ago, but it had been on backorder for a while. It's in stock at my Best Buy now, so I might pick it up soon!

House of Harlow earrings
I looove both of these. I think Brad is getting them for me :)

Kirra White Suede Wrap bracelet
So cute and summery!

Wallflower refills from Bath and Body Works
I lOVE these. I have at least one in pretty much every room of the house. Yep. Even the closet :)
My favorite scents are Spiced Cider, Velvet Tuberose, Brown Sugar and Fig, Passion Fruit & Guava, and Coconut Lime Verbena.

***A long massage at my favorite spa***
I so need this. Period.


Nails: Shower Together

China Glaze: Shower Together

hmmm ... not too much to say here. But I love it! It's a tad more green than photographed. Actually the top picture is pretty close to the actual color. :)


Summer Color: TEAL Bright Eyes

Products Used:
MAC Rollickin' Paint Pot
NYX Jumbo Eye Shadow Pencil-Milk
MAC Aquadisiac eye shadow
Aqua eye shadow (pro)
Kelly eye shadow (pro)
Bottle Green eye shadow (pro)
Chill eye shadow
Urban Decay liquid liner-Perversion
MAC Powerpoint eye liner-So There Jade
MAC Plushlash Mascara
Blanc Type eye shadow
MAC blush- Prism
MAC lip pencil-Stripdown
MAC lipstick-Hug Me


July '09 MAC Collection Details


July seems to hold some pretty exciting things (MAC collection-wise), AHEM AND it's my 25th
birthday!! (July 16, ya know, for those wondering)

So I decided that it would be so stupid to basically rip off other people's information (even if I posted the source, it would be THE SAME information -- just unnecessary) by posting the typical "MAC Color Story" Information for each collection. So instead, I'll link you to the places where I get my information! But I'll outline the collection names and release dates of course :) Then at the bottom of this post, I'll work on my wish lists and initial thoughts about the individual collections. Sound good?? Awesome. :)
*You can also click the "Collections" link at the bar on top of my page for a big post that organizes the collections and my associated collection posts by month.

JULY '09:

Euristocrats2 (already released most places, so whatever)
7/09 Colour Craft
7/09 Graphic Gardens (Nordstrom)
7/09 Look in a Box (Nordstrom)
7/30 Baby Blooms


Thoughts and wishes...

Euristocrats 2
One word..Dazzleglasses. That's my main excitement surrounding this collection. Usually collections centered around lip products really don't excite me much, but if dazzleglasses are involved, I'm there! I've yet to check this collection out in person, but I'm definitely planning a trip to MAC soon. OOO and Saint Germain is making a comeback! So if you missed out on that when it came out before, don't miss out on it this time! As far as products I'm eye-ing, it's mainly dazzleglasses, as you'd probably expect :)
Obviously, this may change when I see everything in person, but this is what I'm thinking...

My wishlist:

Vie Veneto
Rue de Rouge
Euro Beat

*Costa Chic Lipstick (maybe)

(skipping the liners since they're all permanent)

Colour Craft

EEK! SOOO excited for this one! Mostly because of the MSF's and one brush in particular! I'm also THRILLED that the 226 brush is being repromoted with this one. I only got one when it was released with Brunette, Blonde, Redhead. I definitely could use a few extras :)

My wishlist:
*130 BRUSH!!! (maybe 2 or 3) This brush looks amazing...
*extra 226
*MSFs: (in a perfect world, I'd get all 6...we'll see what happens!)
Triple Fusion, Porcelain Pink -- those are the two shades that I think are most different from what I've already got and what will work with my skin, but I've really got to get my hands on the darker shades for my kit!
*Eye Shadow:
Assemblage, Girlish Romp, Natural Flare, Fashion Patch
Colour Crafted

Not sure about the blush...I'll have to see those in person!
About the lipgloss...not a fan of the "mixed up" colors...they look used :X

Graphic Gardens / Look in a Box (Nordstrom's exclusive collections)
For some reason, the Nordstrom collections never excite me much. These aren't really any different. The Graphic Gardens eye shadow palettes definitely look pretty, but I'll be surprised if I end up buying any of them. Nothing really different or exciting. However, if you are starting your collection and need brushes, eye shadows, or lip products, I would consider checking this stuff out! You can get so much more for your money by purchasing these special sets!
For now, planning on skipping both.

Baby Blooms

Ok, this is exciting to me! At first, I wasn't that into it, but after seeing more about the lip products, I'm SUPER excited!! I always get really excited about new foundation/skin products as well!

My wishlist:
*Studio Moisture Tint SPF15- Medium (not 100% about the shade, I'll have to test it in person)
*Sun Tints (lipgloss) SPF15- I WANT THEM ALL!! but to pick a few:
Just a Smidge, Moist Plum, Pink Tinge

Collection Info.

Click the links below to get the details!

**Please note, I try to sort all of the MAC collection info by the month they're released. Please understand that the release dates are not always accurate. :)
OH and a lil helpful hint-- Collections will release online 2 days prior to the store release date listed below. :)
Oh and don't flip...if you can't click it, I don't have a post for it yet :) Check back often for updates

July '09
-7/2: Euristocrats2
-7/9: Colour Craft
-7/17: Graphic Gardens (Nordstrom's Anniv. Collection)
-7/30: Baby Blooms

-?/??: Love that Look

August '09
-8/20 - Makeup Art Cosmetics
-8/27 - Jin Soon Choi for MAC Nail Lacquer Collection
-8/27 - Flirt with Fall

September '09

-9/10 - MAC in HD
-9/17 - Fall Trend Collection
-9/17 - Pro Colour Expansion Collection
-9/24 - Style Black
-9/24 - Zoom Fast Black Lash
-9/24 - Dazzleglass Cremes

October '09
-10/12 - Dsquared2

MAC... I think it's about to get good...


So pretty much every collection that has come out so far this year since Hello Kitty (with the exception of the Dazzleglass collection) has just not excited me much. So recently when I would anticipate the past few collections released, I would get excited and make my little list of things I wanted. So I would excitedly go to the MAC store to check out everything in person and I would just be let down. Yeah, there have been some neat things that have come out recently, but it's like there's no excitement with the collections like there used to be--for me anyways. I just feel like nothing that has been released recently has been very unique.

So I looked ahead to the collections coming out into the summer and fall and I'm actually really excited. It seems that MAC is trying some different things--- Not always playing it safe (think a whole collection of products inspired by the color black--SO me, well, maybe not the black lipstick, but I'll probably get some anyway!), new products and shades (a new dazzleglass formula, new foundation-ish product, the new 130 brush-which I think will change my life, a collection COMPLETLY of nail polish-if MAC doesn't change the formula with this one, they're getting a nasty letter...let's face it, we all know they have the means to create a quality nail polish formula, new pro shades, etc.) Not to mention all the gorgeous, bright new shades that are coming out in lots of upcoming collections I've looked at. Honestly, I'm excited. From what I've seen, many of the upcoming collections just seem different and creative. What you'd expect from MAC.

I know I always mention upcoming MAC collections for the month ahead in my monthly favorites video, but I'm thinking about maybe doing a blog post with the collection info monthly that accompanies the favorites video. What do you think? I think it would be easier and hopefully, more helpful to you guys! I can also post my little wishlists as well :) That way you guys can see what I'm thinking about buying too! Leave your thoughts below...

**edit: Ok, so if you would like to see a blog post about collection info each month, would you rather see a SINGLE BIG post of all the upcoming collections and their descriptions? For example, in June, it would be a big "July MAC Collections" post. OR would you rather see SEPARATE posts of each collection and their descriptions? Or am I thinking too far into this...haha

Thanks in advance for the feedback guys!




Matte Nail Polish! Zoya

When I heard Zoya was releasing a few matte shades, I was super excited. I ordered only one, Dovima, which is the darkest almost black shade. They also have a more gray one and a pretty maroon shade. Well, I can safely say I'll probably be ordering the other two very soon! I was actually shocked to have gotten mine so quickly...From what I knew, these weren't going to be sent out until July 1st since they were technically a pre-ordered item...??? Oh well. I'm excited and I LOVE this stuff. You've got to work fast with it though. As you may be able to see on my thumbnail, it can get a little clumpy if you don't work quickly with it. This is because it dries SUPER fast. Seriously. I received my package literally 20 minutes before posting this! *My rushed excitement will explain the messy cuticles... But overall, the color is even, smooth and VERY matte. It looks MUCH more matte in person. You can also apply a topcoat if you decide you want a more glossy finish and get bored with the matte. I used two coats and no basecoat.

**edit: After the color "sets" and completely dries (it's been at least 6 hours since posting) the color really evens out and looks completely smooth. It's pretty much impossible to show just how matte and even the color is in photos, but it's awesome!


Summertime Glam: Simple Summertime Smokey Eye

Products Used:
Benefit F.Y.Eye primer
MAC Constructivist Paint Pot
The Balm Shady Lady Eye Shadow Palette:
Caught in the Act Courtney
Shameless Shana
Jet-Setting Jennifer
MAC Tan Pigment
MAC Chromaline in Black Black (Pro)
Bee Lushious Lashes Mascara
MAC Viva Glam V Lipstick
Backlit 3D glass (discontinued, but any golden/yellow would work!)
NARS Madly powder blush
MAC So Ceylon Mineralized Skinfinish


The "Claire Series"

I had so much fun doing Claire's makeup-- If you were curious to see all the products I used, you can now check them all out below!

First Video (Easy, Flawless Skin--The No Makeup, Makeup Look)
Lightful Deep Ultramoisture cream
Face & Body Foundation C3 (Now Pro, but still available at some stores)
Select Cover-Up NC35
Mineralized Skinfinish Natural in Medium Dark
Select Moisturecover concealer NW25
Benefit Powderflage
Bronzing Powder in Refined Golden
Sculpt Powder in Bone Beige (Pro)
Shape Powder in Emphasize (Pro)
Powder blush in Dollymix
Strobe Lotion

Second Video (Party Makeup: Blue/Purple)
Coastal Scents Eye Poxy Primer
Cornflower Pigment
Violet Pigment
Nehru eye shadow
Vellum eye shadow
Mylar eye shadow
Blacktrack Fluidline
Dazzlelash Mascara
Symmetry eye shadow (Pro) -brows
#36 lashes
Prep+Prime Lip
Dervish Lip Pencil
Saint Germain lipstick
Funtabulous Dazzleglass


Nails: Mellow Yellow

OPI Banana Bandana

Yellow nails are SO fun for summer! I love the soft buttery (but bright) shade of this particular yellow. The formula honestly wasn't bad either. At 2 coats, it was pretty opaque. Up close, it does look a lil' streaky, but it's still gorgeous, nonetheless!


How-To: Perfect Red Lips (Gwen Inspired)

Products used:
MAC Lip Conditioner
Benefit Benetint
MAC lip pencil in Cherry
MAC lipstick in MAC Red
Coastal Scents Lip/Concealer Brush
Benefit clear lipgloss
Make Up For Ever Double-Ended lip pencil in no 100 (or just use any concealer in pencil form or with a concealer brush)
Coastal Scents Taklon Flat Liner/Concealer brush

Some helpful tips:
*Make sure your lips are well-exfoliated. I mean, you don't have to do this EVERY time, but just make sure you don't have any bits of dry skin or flakiness going on.
Try a gentle exfoliant like Neutrogena Lip Nutrition Berry Smooth Balm. If you've got some serious flakiness, try a more abrasive product with more "scrubbies". Or, apply some regular Vaseline to your lips and gently massage into your lips in circular motions with a warm, damp washcloth.

*PLEASE don't forget the liner. It will really make all the difference. Even if you're like me and HATE wearing dark or bright lipliner, it's a must where red lips are concerned.

*Just as important as lip liner--Don't forget the concealer "reverse liner" trick. Whether you use a pencil like I did, or just a concealer a shade or two lighter than your skin tone on a lip or concealer brush, it's an important step. It will counteract any redness around the lip area and create a super clean, defined line.

*Resist the urge to draw the liner outside your lipline. The before-mentioned no-no combined with red lipliner is a recipe for disaster. When it starts to wear off (even slightly), you'll look like you have chapped lips or that you're just a really sloppy eater (or smoocher....hehe).

*Don't forget the "finger" trick (see video). Red lipstick and teeth don't mix. Well, red lipstick ON your teeth doesn't mix, I should say.


MAC Blush Palettes


Hey guys! Here is a little peek into my MAC blush palettes and how I organize them. Keep in mind these are just my powder blushes (and just MAC). I don't depot the cream blush or mineral blush or even some of the limited edition ones in cute packaging. I actually depot most of the l.e. ones because the little pots are annoying... I think I only have a couple that are not depotted (HK and Manish Arora)--trust me, it's been hard. I've wanted to depot them so bad! haha
**Also, I removed the inserts in the palettes, which basically serve as little "guides" to place your refill pans in. You don't need them since the entire bottom of the palette is a solid piece of metal, so the whole thing is magnetic. The insert just keeps them straight and separated. To me, removing the insert is worth the extra 2 spaces it provides. Normally, blush palettes hold only 6. With the inserts removed, they hold 8 nicely. Removing the inserts is easy. Just wedge something around the edges and it will pop right out.

(top-bottom, left-right)
Cute (dc'd), Well Dressed, Pinch O' Peach, Blushbaby
Pink Swoon, Dollymix, Peachykeen, X-Rocks (le)

Spaced Out (le), Cantaloupe (pro), Sunbasque, Prism
*Lightsweep (pro, shape powder), Harmony, Sincere, Gingerly
*only shape powder I own in a refill--I have all the shades in le duos--Lightsweep makes for an AWESOME color to use to blend out blush if you've overdone it or to highlight tan/olive skin tones, so I like to keep it handy :)

...and for my favorite. My Beauty Powder Blushes I've depotted. Please note, these ARE NOT the same as a Beauty Powder (see the FAQ section of my blog). They are FABULOUS and I love them. I want to eventually have all the shades. They are le items. I also have the HK Tippy bpb as well, but couldn't bring myself to depot it :) The formulas and the finish of these are just amazing.
(all shades are le)
Enough Said, Shy Beauty, Eversun, Serenely
Secret Blush, Stark Naked, Feeling, On a Mission

So I think I'm set with MAC blush...haha. Next on my list is to hopefully round out my bpb collection with the shades I don't have and I'm also working on a palette with other pro blush colors because they have awesome brights. I'll post that when it's all done and I'm happy with it ;)

Hope this was helpful! I've also done something similar with my MAC eye shadow palettes. Click here for that post. **Keep in mind, that was a few months ago and they've changed DRAMATICALLY since then. New post to come soon on that :)


Mystery, SOLVED....I think.

If you read my previous post about the blue nail polish, you probably sensed my hatred/confusion about the OPI "pro-wide" brush. Confusion because some colors have the obnoxious brush, some didn't. Some were marked with the little plastic wrapper around the handle advertising the "new" brush, some didn't (the unmarked ones STILL had the craptacular brush). Well, that's because those with the wrapper were older and released when the brush was brand new. Now, they've apparently switched over completely to this wide brush, so no plastic advertisments necessary. HOWEVER, I was noticing that a lot of my brand new OPI colors have kind of a "medium" flatter brush. A brush that I liked. More confusion. I did some comparing and have found that some that were released when the "pro-wide" brush was newer (released longer ago) have the huge, obnoxious, flared-out, flat brush. While some of my newer ones have a wider brush that is not bad to work with. I think they did switch all their newer polishes to the wide brush, but it's not as wide as the first...make sense?? I hope so! I'm confusing myself! Basically, I'm saying that I *think* they improved upon an obvious design flaw. ...at least it was horribly flawed to me!

Anyway, I took some pictures to compare what I believe was a design flaw of some of the initial wide brushes.
(l-r) Sweet Heart (Regular brush), Banana Bandana (new GOOD wide brush), Yoga-Ta Get this Blue (CRAPPY, flared out, thick, wide brush)
*p.s. Sweet Heart is a super crappy color and I would not recommend that ANYONE get it...haha It's very sheer and streaky
I first attributed it to maybe being the blue shade's formula, but even when completely dry of nail polish, it flares and is almost thicker at the end. It seems that the newer ones (the yellow) are made of a stiffer brush material and keep their shape, not flaring out and getting thick on the end. I've found this to be the case with several other OPI shades I own as well. Frosts, creams...several formulas I own that are newer have this better brush. Same with the old one. So I don't think it's the formula. It seems that the newer shades' wide brushes have been perfected. Thank goodness! I love their colors! I didn't want to have the fear of blindly purchasing another bad one. Maybe this is wrong, but now, I like to open the nail polish and peek at the brush. If it's HUGE at the tip and looks like it's filling with too much polish and "flaring" out, then put that sucker back! At least that's what I'm going to do...

Another look...

It's honestly tough to tell how much it flares in these pics. I guess it's a subtle difference, but it's enough to make a mess of my nails and to me, is a huge difference when I look at the actual results they give.
I'm not saying that this is FOR SURE what happened (that OPI improved a crappy design), but that seems to be the case from all of my 30-something shades I own of OPI... I just had to do my own little experiment! :)


Nails: Blue Memories...

OPI: Yoga-ta Get this Blue
This blue reminds me so much of my first "funky" nail polish... I was 12. I thought I was so dangerous with my dark sparkly navy Manic Panic nail polish. Which I'll admit, at that time, dark blue was unusual and I wasn't allowed to wear it many places.
Now, this dark, shimmery blue shade seems more sophisticated than rebellious. How times have changed... Anyway, I was SHOCKED at how gorgeous and amazing the formula of this polish was. It's so thick and non-streaky. I could have been fine with one coat.
I have but one (kind of major) complaint... That obnoxious "professional wide" brush that OPI has in some of it's polishes is unfortunately in this one. What is with that?? Some of my OPI colors have it, some don't (new and old). I can't figure it out. Some have the little plastic (what I like to refer to it as) "warning label" advertising the wide brush -- Which usually tells me to put it right back on the shelf. Anyway, it's a flat, wide brush that is really only conducive to people with square shaped cuticles and nails that are all the size of your big toenail. I just can't stand the thing. I made a mess of my cuticles with it (hence, the pictures of only my thumb and index finger...haha). I so wish they would go back to the regular brush for all the colors. Or maybe they have?? Let me know what you guys know about this crazines...haha.