New Year's Eve Blue Cat-Eye Makeup

Products Used:
Benefit F.Y.Eye
MAC Greasepaint Stick in B, (shimmery navy blue), or Loreal HiP cream liner in Midnight Blue
MAC Freshwater eye shadow (shimmery, bright navy blue)
Urban Decay 24/7 pencil eye liner in Electric (bright blue), or MAC Blue Peep Fluidline
Benefit Eye Bright Pencil (pale, bright pink)
Rimmel Maxx Volume mascara
MAC So Ceylon MSF (bronze with light shimmer)
MAC Prism powder blush (rosy muted tan)
MAC Myth lipstick (nude)
YSL Golden Gloss, #10 (sheer pink with gold shimmer)
YSL Touche Eclat, lightest pink shade


Lash Enhancing Eyeliner? Buxom Lashliner from Bare Escentuals

How did I not know about this stuff? Actually, with all the lash-enhancing products out there now, how did other brands not think of this sooner? Especially since you apply them all "as you would an eyeliner".

I guess as a long-time MAC Blacktrack Fluidline fan, I've never felt the need to look elsewhere for a good black gel liner. I came across the Buxom Lashliner by Bare Escentuals on a trip to Sephora about a week ago. I had to do a double take as I glanced over the little selection of gel liners claiming to be a "Lash Enhancing & Conditioning Treatment". Sold. Seriously, why didn't I own something like this already? We all know how much I adore my black eye liner and wear it pretty regularly. Adding a lash treatment in the mix just makes good sense. And at $15 for a 2gram jar (MAC Fluidline is 3 grams, just to give you some comparison), I felt like that's reasonable for the quality ingredients and if it actually delivers. It comes in three shades, a black, brown, and a black with silver micro-glitter. I purchased Leatherette, the black shade.

So I've been using this product for a week straight, mainly looking at the actual wear and quality of the liner. Just because it hasn't been enough time to see any benefits where the lash-enhancement is concerned.
To my surprise, (Because honestly, lets face it...this stuff seems kind of too good to be true) it applied easily and has great pigmentation. And even better, sets to a smudge-proof finish. However, it does take a little longer to dry than fluidline, but that's not a problem for me since I have a habit of setting liners with black eyeshadow anyway-- even gel liners. Other than that, it's very comparable to Fluidline.

Then for the really rewarding part-- The formula contains natural ingredients and no parabens, which is always a little added bonus. It contains ingredients that actually stimulate hair growth as well as other great ingredients that support healthy lash growth and keep them conditioned.
Now I've never used any lash-enhancing products before and mine are naturally pretty thick, black, and long to begin with. Like I said, I haven't used it long enough to see real results, but I'll report back in a month :)

This is available at Sephora and most everywhere else you can purchase Bare Escentuals products. Click here to read more about the product and for shade info.

*Products mentioned in this post were purchased by me and I am in no way affiliated with any brands or companies mentioned.


"Reverse" Eyeliner Technique: Rihanna-Inspired

*Notice I've described the colors beside the actual product. Don't feel like you need the exact products. If you do, great, but if not, you can find similar shades using my descriptions as a guide :)

Products Used:
Benefit F.Y.Eye (primer to prevent creasing)
MAC Painterly Paint Pot (skin-toned cream shadow)
Stila Kajal eye liner in Onyx (dark black creamy pencil)
MAC Carbon eye shadow (matte black)
Urban Decay eye shadow in Ruthless (frosted light taupe)
MAC Shale eye shadow (medium muted frosted purple)
MAC Crystal eye shadow (silvery light purple)
MAC Mystery eye shadow (matte dark cool brown)
MAC Soft Brown eye shadow (matte light-medium warm brown)
MAC Mylar eye shadow (satin light cream)
Rimmel Volume Flash "The Max" mascara (black volumizing mascara)
MAC Creme de Nude lipstick (shiny nude lipstick)
MAC powder blush in Prism (muted rosey tan)


Blu-Ray nails... kind of.

Sally Hansen HD Hi-Definition nail color in "Blu"

When I was last at the drugstore, this "HD" line of brightly colored nail polishes really stood out to me. Mostly this blue shade. Since blue is my absolute favorite color, I had to pick this stuff up. The actual color is much more unique than it photographs.
While the shade range of these HD polishes are insanely bright and unique, I have a few complaints about the actual formula. To me, it seemed (in this shade at least) to be a bit thin and applied a little streaky. It was hard to get an even first coat. The first coat was extremely sheer. I was really disappointed at first. But after applying the second coat, it looked beautiful. Pictured is only two coats however, next time I'll probably try three just to make the color even more intense.
If you like bright, unique colors, this line is something to try! I might go back for the green and orange shades.


Everyday Makeup using Few Products

Products Used:
*Benefit F.Y.Eye primer

*MAC Painterly Paint Pot (cream eye
shadow in a natural color)

*MAC Mystery eye shadow (dark brown shadow)

*MAC So Ceylon Mineralize Skin Finish (bronzer)

*Stila eye kajal in Onyx (creamy eye pencil)

*Covergirl Lashblast Mascara

*MAC Syrup lipstick


Makeup: Victoria's Secret Fashion Show '09

WOOOO! Get ready! The show airs tonight! (Tues, Dec 1st at 10pm EST on CBS) Who's watching!??

Products Used:
Benefit F.Y.Eye primer
Benefit creaseless cream shadow/liner in Skinny Jeans
MAC eye shadows:
Soft Brown
MAC Cream Color Base in Hush
MAC Cream Color Base in Pearl
Stila Kajal Eye liner in Onyx
MAC False lashes #36
Cover Girl Lashblast Mascara
MAC Ravishing Lipstick
YSL Golden Gloss #10
MAC So Ceylon Mineralized Skinfinish
MAC Cantaloupe powder blush (pro)
MAC Shape Powder in Emphasize (pro)


Holiday Cranberries-- Fun Holiday Makeup

Products Used:
Benefit F.Y.Eye
MAC Paintpot in Artifact
MAC eyeshadows:
Soft Brown
MAC Blitz n' Glitz fluidline
Covergirl Lashblast Mascara
MAC Cream Color Base in Crushed Bougainvillea (no longer available, but use any berry shade)
MAC Blushbaby powder blush
MAC Viva Glam V lipstick
YSL Golden Gloss, #10


Fab in 5: Quick, Complete Makeup Look for Everyday

Products Used:
MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural (with MAC 182 kabuki style brush)
MAC Studio Finish Concealer (NC shade to conceal redness)
Nars Laguna bronzer with large paddle brush (MAC 134)
Nars Orgasm blush with Sigma SS168 angled brush
MAC Select Moisturecover (NW shade to conceal cool undereye shadows)
MAC Print eye shadow with pencil shaped brush (MAC 219)
MAC Carbon eye shadow
Cover Girl Lashblast Mascara
Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine
MAC Viva Glam V lipstick


YSL Sephora Holiday Set Review!

A few weeks ago when my Sephora Holiday catalogue came, this is the main thing that caught my eye. Partly because of the full-sized Touche Eclat brightener/concealer which is one of those items that I've been eyeing for the longest time. But I can never justify becuase it's a hefty $40. I'd be lying if I said that the pretty YSL-logoed clutch bag it comes with was definitely a big part of why I bought this as well.

In the set you get:
-full sized Touche Eclat in the lightest shade (a brightening pink), normally $40
-full sized Golden Gloss, no. 10- Golden Peony, normally $29
-Trial Size of Luxurious Mascara in No.1 Black
- Deluxe Trial Size of Long-Lasting Eye Pencil in No.1 Black
- Black Clutch

This was a no-brainer for me, because all of the items are things are very wearable. None of the items in the kit will go to waste-- I mean, I could always use another black mascara and liner! And the gloss is absolutely gorgeous. I love that it has the yummy watermelon-kiwi (-ish) scent like most YSL lip products do. It also is pretty long lasting for a gloss. I think that's because of the shimmer, which can actually be a bit gritty if you're not used to it. Plus, the Touche Eclat was something I had been lusting over for a while. Added up, the gloss and Touche Eclat are $69!! The kit was $60, so I felt like it was worth it. Plus, did I mention the bag is actually really nice? You could actually get away with carrying it as a clutch. And it's huge! Check out the size of it below-- much larger than I expected.

Yeah, $60 seems a bit pricey, but I feel that it's a great deal for what you get. Definitely if you've been considering the Touche Eclat. You can get this at sephora.com (with free shipping!) or at Sephora stores that sell YSL cosmetics.

Blog Sale 3!

Thanks everyone so much for participating! :) The sale has sold out!


NEW Sigma Makeup Collection Swatches & Full Video Review

*All colors come within their set, in individual compacts. You can pop them out and arrange them however you want in the empty quad that comes with the set. So keep in mind, the placement of my colors in my quads may not match your own.

Smokey Eyes Beauty on the Go Kit
top, l-r: Start Me Up, Shine a Light
bottom, l-r: You Got the Silver, Paint it Black

Neutral Shades Beauty on the Go Kit
top, l-r: Angie, Brown Sugar
bottom, l-r: Brown Eyed Girl, Indian Girl

Fun Colors Beauty on the Go Kit
top, l-r: Sweet Virginia, Lady Jane
bottom, l-r: I got the Blues, Play with Fire

Blush and Highlight
top, l-r: Some Girls (blush), Moon Light Mile (highlight)
bottom, l-r: Not Fade Away, Ruby Tuesday

...I especially love that when you pop out the colors, the shade name is still visible and shows through to the back.

...you can tell I've been enjoying that one! :) It's looking a little loved.

Click here for pricing info and more product details

Video is coming soon! :)


Coral and Purple Goes Wearable for Fall...

Products Used:
Benefit F.Y.Eye primer
Benefit Skinny Jeans Cream shadow/liner
Urban Decay Ruthless eye shadow
MAC Poison Pen (or any gray-purple)
MAC Vibrant Grape (pro)
MAC Coral (pro)
Maybelline GreatLash Clear mascara (brow gel)
MAC Penultimate eye liner-Rapidblack
CoverGirl Lashblast Mascara
Christian Siriano for VS Kajal Eye Liner
MAC blush in Sincere
MAC lipstick in Syrup


THANK YOU, and some final thoughts-- Blog Sale (2)

Thanks everyone for participating! I've removed the pictures and edited the post as all items have sold :)

It seems that most of you really enjoy these blog sales! Seeing as this is my second one, I found it interesting to see several repeat buyers :) I'm glad you guys liked it enough the first time to come back for more!
Honestly, I do these sales to kind of give back to you guys. Yes, you're paying me for my products I'm selling, but I enjoy being able to sell things to people I know will really appreciate it --usually at half the cost I paid.
I've never been much of a "cleaner outer" -- especially of makeup products-- but with an overflowing personal collection of beauty products, I've gotten a little more realistic with what I need to keep :) Obviously I love everything I sold or I wouldn't have bought it-- I've just realized that I don't need 4 of the same exact shade you know? haha So we both win! And since my blog readers/twitter followers/subscribers are very near and dear to my heart, it makes me happy to pack up my once beloved little items and send them off to someone that I have a connection to and who will enjoy it as much as I did :)

Ok enough rambling! Thanks so much for everything everyone! all the support means so much to me -- not just with the blog sale, but all your support over these past 15 months has meant the world to me. I appreciate every single one of you!

Another blog sale could be coming in December so start saving lovelies!! ;)

**OH and all items paid for (which I think all of you other than I think 2 people have) will be sent out tomorrow afternoon (Monday, Nov. 2nd) or Tuesday morning at the latest!


Taylor Swift Soft Cat Eye Makeup

Products Used:
Benefit F.Y.Eye
MAC Greasepaint Stick in black
MAC eye shadow-
Christian Siriano for VS Kajal Eye liner in Eclipse
MAC Penultimate eye liner
Maybelline Great Lash Big mascara
MAC False lashes #7
MAC Cantaloupe blush (pro), or any peach shade
MAC lipsticks in Ravishing and Fleshpot


Hair Tutorial: Faux Bob Glam Up-Do

Click here for the Pure Heat 3-in-1 Curling iron I used to get this style

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